Weird Dreams Can Come True

by zane on April 19, 2009 in animation, blog, recommended, reel with 2 Comments

I had a weird dream.

Brewster McCracken was elected mayor, and it was all because of my little video. ;-)

No, but seriously, this was just something I felt I had to tinker with off-and-on for a few weeks and then scramble to finish right at the deadline for Brewster’s “Your City – Your Vision – Your Ad” competition. Then it won!

The coolest thing about it: local film/game heroes Robert Rodriguez, Rick Linklater, Elizabeth Avellan, and Richard Garriott (and Brewster, of course) were the judges! Second coolest thing: it will be broadcast this week during my favorite hour of television — during The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central! (Locally on Time-Warner, that is.)

I originally started this piece with a similar type treatment and live-action slow-mo stills, but along the way it evolved into a more stylish, graphic look. It’s supposed to be my vision for the future of Austin, truncated abruptly into a mere 25 seconds. There’s quite possibly more in those 25 seconds than there should be, but there’s still only half as much as I’d wanted to jam in there.

Oh, and yes, I do very much support and endorse Brewster McCracken for mayor. He is without question the only candidate with the creativity we need to move Austin forward. This is not a time to “hunker down;” I think this crisis is a time of opportunity. It is a chance to lead, to innovate, to create. To turn things around. To do what Austin residents do best. Dream big. And then chase those dreams with passion.

I’ll keep dreaming. ‘Cause sometimes they come true.

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2 comments on “Weird Dreams Can Come True

  1. Steve Hix on said:

    Great work Zane. Take it easy on the dreams, man. They can take you over the edge. Look forward to getting together.

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