Carino’s Italian: “Let It Snow” Commercial

by zane on December 07, 2010 in film, fx, recommended, reel, tv with No Comments

ZaneTV recently developed some exciting new television creative for Fired Up, Inc. and their Carino’s Italian Restaurants. We’ll be shooting and rolling out a very fun — and unique — TV campaign over the next six months (as well as helping with Carino’s viral/social experience), but we got the snowball rolling with this clever holiday idea conceived by a waitress who works at the restaurant.

This holiday spot features the wide-eyed (and incredibly professional) Diego P. from Calliope Talent. Directed by Jeff Stolhand, co-produced by Jeff and I, and lensed by Paul Gandersman. Compositing and some digital “snow” enhances overcranked live-action footage shot with the Red Camera. This spot was shot and delivered inside one week (well, we did shoot a test a week earlier, so technically two weeks total). (And yes, that is me on the VO!)

We look forward to shooting many more of these… and to expanding the way people think about Carino’s Italian.

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