“Sometimes” Three’s a Charm

by zane on October 17, 2011 in reel, tv, writing with No Comments

Fun story.

Last year the MadHatterCollective was busy shooting a number of commercials for Charles and Colvard featuring their lovely Moissanite jewelry. We were asked to pitch both something sweet and something sexy, but we were also asked to seek out that special something that might go viral. Although “viral” is of course a modern-day pot of gold, we knew what they meant. They wanted something sweet, sexy, and just a bit…naughty. The kind of something you might forward to someone after a little snicker. We pitched a few ideas, several of which the client really liked. But.

“But” is what usually happens when the client thinks too hard. They get nervous. Cold feet. Conservative. And basically talk themselves out of what they really want.

So they picked two concepts that were both fine — one sweet, one sexy. But not quite that “something” they really wanted for the web.

We decided to shoot one of our viral ideas anyway. It wasn’t a big stretch for us; we had a gorgeous model/actress (the lovely Kelly Grace) willing to spend an extra hour or two with us, and a lucky man acting opposite her (the talented Zach Thompson) as well. We had an incredible location for our other commercial and the time to do both if we were clever about it.

So we shot three commercials instead of two, and surprised them with this fun little spot as a bonus.

Sometimes… a little leap of faith pays off.

(Yes, they bought it too.)

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