The Vision Behind the New Dell Precision

by zane on May 07, 2012 in reel, tv, writing with No Comments

T3600-T5600 Workstation

I recently directed a series of spots for the new refresh of the latest Dell Precision workstations. Featuring a redesigned chassis and a cool front bezel design for optimal airflow, these spots feature some of Dell’s brightest (including Design guru Ken Musgrave) discussing their passion for the Precision line and the new design.

We shot these spots in Dell’s acoustic lab’s “anachoic chamber,” a huge and very cool room dedicated to audio engineering and precision recording. I feel like I balanced my “sound guy karma” for all the times I’ve tortured the sound guy with planes, AC units, traffic, etc.

Kudos to the whole team at BW Films for the flawless production, and to DP Vance Holmes and editor Jeff Stolhand in particular. Click here to see the high-powered T7600 workstation video.

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