ZaneFX builds a bridge for Jeff, Who Lives at Home

by zane on June 18, 2012 in film, fx, recommended, reel with No Comments

ZaneFX was recently credited for visual effects in the Paramount Pictures release of Jeff, Who Lives at Home, directed by Jay and Mark Duplass. (On Bluray and DVD June 19th.)

Although only seven seconds long, the hero shot we were involved in was a critical third-act moment of the film, featuring one of Louisiana’s “endless bridges” to the horizon. Unfortunately the shot had to be filmed on the end of a secondary bridge and thus everything beyond the scene of the accident had to be replaced digitally. This was further complicated by the handheld, point-of-view nature of the shot.

These shots were originally being shopped to A-list effects houses on the west coast. But the Duplass brothers wanted me to have the shot, and Jay pushed for them to let me do a test. The post production supervisor on the film said this about even the first test footage for this shot: “I am absolutely beside myself. You KILLED this.” (As well as a few other things unsuitable for print. In a good way.)

The Duplass brothers were totally pleased with the final bridge shot, though far less surprised to see A-list effects from our indie outfit, as they pushed for my involvement after working with me on the “truck hit shot” in the third act of their indie hit Baghead, years before. On the commentary track of Baghead they were kind enough to remark, “Zane Rutledge, you rock!” (And that little comment has actually led to some other word-of-mouth FX work, by the way.)

All of the shots we did for JWLAH were fairly subtle — and if we did our job correctly, you’ll never know they were effects shots at all. But even seven seconds can have an impact.

Thanks to Gray Haddock for his part on a number of shots involving co-stars Susan Sarandon and Rae Dawn Chong. And big thanks to Jay and Mark for pushing for my involvement in this great film.

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