The Most Important Part is You

by zane on November 16, 2012 in recommended, reel, tv, writing with No Comments

Just finished up this video for Dell and NVIDIA — to be used in a big way at this year’s Autodesk University conference. Might be some of the nicest footage we’ve ever shot with our fancy Red cameras — and definitely one of the best pieces we’ve done to date for Dell. Emotional, aspirational, with a story, which is a pleasant change from the usual technical, talking-head executive stuff.

I’m really proud of the whole cast and crew. Leads were Trevante Rhodes as our architect (this young man is going places) and Hector David Becerra (fantastic as well) as our radio-controlled car designer/engineer. Apologies to the glorious Fadya AlBakry for ending up on the cutting-room floor (as well as the floor of our set!)… I will be cutting some of that footage for other “reel” purposes, I promise. Awesome secondary performances by Karen Jagger, Bobbie Ragsdale, Mike Morgan, and Tim McKinney.  Lensed by Drew Barerra (DP and Steadicam operator), lit by Justin Hall (gaffer), and shepherded by Matt Joyce (1st AD), this Shaggy Welch-produced spot was originally pitched by the Boss Wench herself, Josie Collier. (Thank you Josie, for trusting me to step in and sculpt the creative and then direct an inspiring feel-good video.) Thanks also to Ima, Allie, Mary, Billie, and Shiraz. And super kudos/big thanks to BZ Lewis/PopTuna for the awesome music track!

I really enjoyed the heck out of this one, on many levels. And I think it shows. Here’s to more like this.

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